Shawn Tovey

Director of IT

Mr. Tovey designs, implements and project manages all new and existing facilities for MACH 4.

Brian Miller

President & CEO

Mr. Miller established MACH 4 as an advocate for clients in dealing with technology providers and carriers. He provides our vision and leadership.

Bunny Joseph

Customer Service Manager

Before joining MACH 4 Ms. Joseph was in charge of customer service for a multi-million dollar corporation.  She brings a wealth of experience to our customer service team.

“MACH 4 delivered everything they promised. Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”

Current MACH 4 partner


TO connect people thru technology to their families and the world.

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About Us

We strive to connect people to their families and the world thru technology.  Our customized and fully integrated solution for senior living facilities, apartment complexes, hospitals and hotels help owners connect their residents to the world.  

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Karen Hatfield

Client Services Manager

Ms. Hatfield was an intern at MACH 4 before graduating from The University of Cincinnati's DAP marketing college.  

Mary Rogers

 Operations Manager

Ms. Roger's manages our accounts payable and accounts receivable departments.